Monday, 23 October 2017

Ship ahoy!

Boy did us gals have a swell time with our band at Salute to the 1940s, Chatham Historic Dockyard this year!

We even had a little visit from our favourite dress designers The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. We also loved watching The Glenn Miller Orchestra whilst eating some good old fish 'n' chips. 

Thank you to all of those who took pictures and sang along with us! We hope to be back next year to cause more trouble.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Wearable Art!

You may have seen our wonderful new Hotsie Totsie T-Shirts .... or wearable art as some folks have called them - designed by the amazing Vince Ray no less! Well here's your chance to get your hands on one of your very own!

Freddie Ronchetti

Lucis Balová
Jon Waltham

Matt Hunter

The boring bits....but us gals have to eat (& you wouldn't believe our bar tab!)

PRICES..... Gals - Round Neck £20 / V Neck £22
                   Guys - Round Neck £22

COLOURS....Gals Round Neck is available in Red, Black, Navy & Grey.
                       Gals V Neck is available in Red, Black & Navy.

                       Guys can choose Black, Grey or Navy!

SIZES.... Gals Small, Medium, Large & XL
                Guys Small, Medium, Large, XL & XXL (we love a guy with an XXL!)

All prices include postage!

Please send payment via PayPal to Please Stating colour and size!

Many thanks to our lovely models featured above.....don't forget to send us your picture when you receive your Hotsies shirt!

Check out Vince Ray and his amazing art by clicking HERE!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

In our own words...

Because we are super duper famous now, we did a little interview recently and thought we would share some of it with you. Enjoy!

Filmed at Cahoots London, dresses by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. Filmed by Encore Guinevere Productions.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Get your kicks... on Route 66

Boy are us gals 'tired' and 'exhaust-ed' after today's classic & vintage car show at the beautiful Capel Manor Gardens. Of course we we had to pose for a few photographs. Wearing the Peggy wrap dress in Spring Flower by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. Flowers by our newest sponsor Georgie Girl by Sandra

You might also enjoy a little video we made while we were there of us warming up in the gardens! 


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Pardon me boy... is that East Lancashire Railway?

Us gals are fortunate enough to be followed around by some amazing photographers. One event that we can properly show off in front of the cameras is East Lancashire Railway's 1940s weekend.

Here is just a few of our many favourite snaps...

                                                         Photography by Mark Speight

Photography by Dusty Baggins

Photography by Alan Edwards

Photography by Steve Armitage

Photography by Gary Styles

Plus it wouldn't be the same if you couldn't see what we got up to so here are a few little snippets of us in action. Special thank you to Timeless Portraiture for the video. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Dancing In The Streets

All photos courtesy of Matthew Pearl

The sun was out, Carnaby Street was swinging with some of the capitals finest for Carnaby Street Eat...there was also some rather splendid Grey Goose Vodka.... so we were there! Seriously those folks at Cahoots know a fast way to these gals hearts!

Fine weather, fine food, fine gin.....and some nifty footwork from those folks at Swing Dance UK, what an amazing day we had! Sorry you missed it? Hopefully these photos will give you a taste of what you missed....make it a date next year, you simply have to Carnaby there!!!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pardon me boys...

Well we had an absolutely amazing time at the East Lancashire Railway this weekend, everyone looked amazing, right on track you might say! It was a great platform for us gals, you might be able to tell we were totally chuffed!

Click the pic for a video surprise!
You've sent us so many lovely pictures over the last few days that we are planning to do something with them....once our timetable allows us time to pick our faves! In the meantime a big thank you to Timeless Portraiture for this wonderful video....and to The Seamstress of Bloomsbury for enhancing the gifts nature gave us!